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How to be more confident in your business w/Courtney Kimble

Dear You- Personal Development & Mental Health

Courtney Kimble
Imposter syndrome is real. 

I ran a poll in a women entrepreneur group I’m in and the number 1 thing that I came across was that they didn’t feel worthy of having a business.

They commented things like ‘why should anyone care about my business’ and ‘I have trouble feeling entitled for peoples attentions’

In today’s episode, Courtney Kimble, a business consultant talks about her journey to becoming a successful and confident entrepreneur. 

She shares:

  • The power of reframing your mind for confidence
  • How to get clear on your ideal client
  • How you can position yourself as an authority
  • How to beat imposter syndrome 

Hope this episode helps you feel more confident so you can show up as your whole self and do what you love. 🙂