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1:1 VIP Biz Accelerator

A 12-week long consulting/mentorship program for coaches and service providers who want to transform their business.

Let’s build a successful business together! For real.

You started your biz with the dreams of living life your way while impacting lives yet everyday you’re just frustrated and stressed out. And doubtful if you were cut out for this.

There’s honestly an easier and faster way to making it happen.

Generate more income than your 9-5. And then some more in 3 months.

You’ve attended all the webinars, signed up for all the freebies and joined all the FaceBook groups but still haven’t been able to make consistent monthly income?

Or you’ve bought courses and trainings that still left you doubting your ability to a run a successful biz?

Do you spend your days learning and working towards your goals but still feel lost? And when you look around, everyone’s signing clients and making 5-10k months. You just don’t understand what you’ve been doing wrong.

Then you just get scared that you won’t be able to make it as an entrepreneur? Yikes!

I’ve been there too!

When I first started 4 years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand anything. All I knew was I felt dead inside at an office desk and so I had no plan B. This entrepreneurship thing NEEDED to work.

I wanted to create financial freedom and also, live how I wanted to. I didn’t want to be restricted and told what’s a certain way to behave or talk or do anything (no offense to universities and corporations lol). I didn’t want to be a part of a system where you eventually just turn robotic and lose touch with yourself.

I wanted to do something I was truly excited about and it would also give me opportunities for personal growth. And work with incredible like minded people.

I eventually found what I loved doing. Helping soulpreneurs market their business.

Cue hurdle #2: How was I gonna create consistent income and live a lifestyle that I wanted AKA turn that into a successful biz for myself.

Eventually I was able to create just that. Now I work with good people who I want to see succeed. I don’t stress about how my business will make revenue. I have consistent leads and entrepreneurs who want to work with me.

Introducing the VIP 1:1 Biz Accelerator Program

I’ve mapped out the exact process that it takes to build a successful business. And I’ll be side by side with you helping you make it a reality.

If you’ve been reading with interest, I already know you’re passionate and amazing at what you do. You just don’t have the processes, systems and business knowledge but I got you!

You won’t need to invest in any more courses or waste anymore time.

Imagine if:

  • You never had to second guess your business
  • Your dream clients were in your DMs ready to work with you
  • You confidently showing up as an authority
  • You’re hitting your monthly income goals with ease
  • You had an exact road map to creating a business that excites you (with someone who has already done it)

Here’s what’s going to happen during the 3 months:

⚡ Module 1: Major mindset shifts & goal setting 

Key mindset shifts you need to thrive as an entrepreneur because you’re the key player. Set goals you’re committed to achieving and upgrade your productivity. Getting your priorities straight!

⚡ Module 2: Dial in your messaging & brand story to attract your dream clients

Define your dream client and get crystal clear on the solution you provide and learn simple techniques to articulate your brand story to captivate and connect with your audience.

⚡ Module 3: Create irresistible offers that sell out and serve your clients at the highest

Thrive in your zone of genius and create offerings that your audience is ready to invest in. Package your services and how to structure your backend offers so you are maximizing your revenue. Creating an epic product suite. Adding upsells, downsells, cross-sells to increase your profit.

⚡ Module 4: Branding Basics

Project your personality and essence through every touch point to set yourself apart and take up space in your dream clients mind. ALSO, AESTHETICS. Gotta make a good impression!

⚡ Module 5: Marketing channels & list building 

Set up the right marketing channels for you to efficiently reach your meant-to-be client. Create your opt-in and build your list (your best asset). Implement all the strategies you need to grow your list so you get consistent leads

⚡ Module 6: Write converting copy & content strategy

Beat the overwhelm of creating content. Get a streamlined process to generate ideas and create valuable content to create goodwill with your audience. Learn copy hacks and psychological triggers to write more compelling ads, opt-ins, sales pages, landing pages & emails.

⚡ Module 7: Marketing hacks & Non-salesy sales techniques

If you’ve been turned off by marketing. This module will make you fall in love! Learn soulful selling techniques that close premium clients with ease. Implement referral, continuity and frequent buyer programs.

⚡ Module 8: Scaling & Beyond

All the things you need to know to automate your biz, outsource and create raving fans. Knowledge and skills to create a successful business on your terms. 

What you get:

  • 12 intensive power coaching calls to work through your customized business strategies
  • Unlimited Voxer support (basically a walky-talky app, here from Monday-Friday to answer any concerns)
  • Plug&play templates and done-for-you scripts
  • Excels for the not-so-fun parts of your biz
  • Checklists to keep you on track & focused
  • Accountability check-in’s

What’s the Investment?

  • PIF: $1997
  • 4 month payment plan: $499
  • 6 month payment plan: $333

Hi! I’m Nabeelah. I’m a marketing and business strategist helping soulpreneurs nail their marketing & biz strategy that feels good to them and attracts their dream clients so they can make more income and have a bigger impact.

I started in 2017, I was still in college and soon graduated as the Top Graduate from Fresno State. I got a job and I hated it. No exaggeration, I felt dead inside. I just wanted to do what I loved which I found while working at a co-working space. It was working with entrepreneurs to scale their business but I wasn’t making anything to be honest. I didn’t charge enough and I really underestimated myself. Was very lost.

In 2018, I was still trying to figure it out. I took a lot of courses. Read books. Binged YouTube videos. I had copywriting clients but I didn’t know how to make a business out of it. I was burnt out and stressed most of the time. Plus, all the courses had information gaps in them.

In 2019, I started working with regular clients helping them with all things marketing. Itsoon got too overwhelming for me so I took a break and did a masters program because I couldn’t make sense of things. I wanted to buy time to figure out what I wanted to do. However, I was consuming a lot of knowledge on marketing and business, buying courses, attending conferences and just trying to get better at what I was doing.

In 2020, I started working at Marriot (for 2 weeks, I had to quit). Then I remembered how much I HATED working in a restricted environment and I felt really stuck. Decided it was time to structure my offerings and go all in (while working at an easy-going company). Actually started implementing things. I figured out the revenue generating parts and realized I could make it work. I started feeling more confident in my abilities to get my clients results and showing up as an authority. Since I’ve been able to attract my dream clients and make consistent $5k months.

Now, I can proudly tell you I have a successful biz and I make more than I would’ve been offered at a regular 9-5. And then some more 😉

P.S. I definitely didn’t do it alone either.


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