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About Bloom

Empowering kickass soulpreneurs to build a thriving business while being unapologetically themselves

Our mission is to make growing and scaling your coaching or service based business less overwhelming and stressful by providing you with the tools, marketing & biz strategies, knowledge and support you need.

Helping you build a business and lifestyle that fulfills and excites you while hitting your monthly revenue goals. And having the impact you desire. You should make the rules for your business. It’s about purpose AND profit.

About Me

Hi there, I’m Nabeelah.

Glad you ended up here!

I’m a business coach and consultant helping soulpreneurs nail their marketing and biz strategy to attract and sign their dream clients consistently. 

I was born in Pakistan, lived in Malaysia then California. Now, I’m in Spain.

I’m also a personal development junkie and obsessed with human psychology which both help me in working with my clients to remove obstacles and understand their strengths so they can create a true-to-self biz. 

I’m on a mission to empower kickass soulpreneurs to build a profitable business on their own terms while being unapologetically themselves.

I graduated as the Top Graduate from the marketing department at CSU, Fresno then got a MSc in Fashion and Luxury Marketing. 

I made a lot of bad investments starting out my own biz (because there are too many programs that don’t deliver) and when clients would come to me for ‘marketing & visibility issues’. I realized that they had a whole biz issue so I would help them put the pieces in place.

With my background, expertise and knowledge. I then created a structured program to help soulpreneurs build intentional businesses giving them all the tools, knowledge and support to create a thriving biz. 

I believe you should be able to do what you love and make it profitable. You should be able to be unapologetically yourself and live life on your own terms.


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