About Bloom

Our mission is to make marketing simpler for entrepreneurs.

We believe running your small business shouldn’t make your life difficult, it should bring you a sense of connection and satisfaction (with the profits, of course).

We’ll provide you with effective, streamlined marketing strategies and additional services targeted to increase your revenue and visibility, and overall satisfaction with your business.

About Me

Hi there, I’m Nabeelah.

Glad you ended up here!

I was born in Pakistan, lived in Malaysia and then the US. Currently, in Spain. I’ve always been fascinated by psychology and why humans buy/behave the way they do.

I was the outstanding graduate from the marketing department at California State University, Fresno and yet, was really lost after college (ended up doing masters too). I started working with several women entrepreneurs and helped them market their business. I was in love!

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs for 3 years to support them to make their vision come to life. I get really excited to find marketing solutions and creative tactics to accelerate business growth. Also, most of all I get immense pleasure from their excitement to accomplish their goals! Yeah, I’m cheesy like that.

Other than that, I’m a big fan of any chocolate dessert that camouflages as being ‘healthy’. Also, I’m obsessed with dogs but don’t own one.

It’s nice to meet ya!


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